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Fulfill educational and professional goals, using digital technology. It's about voice, relationships and reflection!

Take charge of your digital tools

 PCs, tablets, smartphones, apps… Do they all work with you, when you want, where you want? Or do you feel they could do better? The device on your desk or your pocket is a powerful tool to support your personal and professional life. At ThinkAgency, we help you make all of your devices work for you.

Digital training & support

 At ThinkAgency, we believe one size does not fit all! We work together in the initial consultation to establish where you are at and what your goals are. Who you are and why you want to take charge of your digital life shape our work together. Ongoing support

Knowledge sharing & social learning

 At ThinkAgency, we know learning does not happen in isolation. We help you develop the skills to access and select information, curate it and add value by contributing your unique insight. You build a personal learning network

Registration & accreditation

 Meetings, workshops, courses, conferences… how do you keep track of attendance, certificates and of what you have learnt in these instances? Recording evidence of past experiences not only provides you with the materials you need for annual reviews, it also helps reflect on these experiences.

Portfolio of knowledge & expertise

 Keeping track of experiences and achievements, collecting feedback, endorsements and testimonials are a sure way to showcase your accomplishments. A portfolio is not merely a list of dates, certificates and skills. It is your content rich CV: work samples, not just words, demonstrate what you do.

Assessment and Employability

 What to do when employers want proof of work experience? Of prior knowledge? Of relevant qualification? Applying for a job can be daunting. Developing a portfolio demonstrates your commitment to communicate about yourself professionally. Displaying the projects you have worked on

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