ThinkAgency delivers empowering professional learning and development to educators and professionals.

ThinkAgency clients fulfill their educational and professional goals by:

  • Increasing their digital proficiency using relevant tools and technology
  • Creating an ePortfolio, a unique, digital record of academic, personal and/or professional learning
  • Presenting their organised, reflective, self-directed self online to a selected audience
  • Participating and communicating freely and actively within a chosen network
  • Implementing a culture of change in their organisations

If you are an Education or Business organisation or an Individual that:

  • values ongoing learning
  • wants to capitalise on personal & professional development
  • wants to use the internet to your advantage for professional learning and knowledge sharing

ThinkAgency training and support delivers a way for you to:

  • represent skills, experience, achievements and interests accurately
  • organise, track, showcase and share records of learning
  • develop a practice (or habit) that fits a lifestyle to maintain an active digital presence
  • leverage social learning capabilities to share explicit knowledge within your teams

We deliver our service through face to face workshops and support through online tools and materials.

Who we are

“Once a teacher, always a learner”!

Hi, I am Pascale.

I am an eLearning facilitator dedicated to help others develop, explore and experience new kinds of learning, in their context, for their purpose, supported by the use of technology.

I taught for fifteen years in secondary schools in the UK and in New Zealand. By seizing opportunities my teaching career offered and working closely with students, I discovered the value of personalised and individualised learning. Combining this with the power of collaborative and social learning learners become active, responsive and self directed.

I believe technology can support these attributes and help anyone explore their passion, develop their talent.

Through working on implementing ePortfolios in Education, I have identified that confidence in using everyday technology enables the user to be organised, reflective, and connected.

These essential competencies play an increasingly important role in education, training, recruitment and employment. Students, trainees, professionals, employees who harness, showcase and demonstrate these competencies through digital skills, effectively stand out from the crowd.

I work with individuals on their own or within their organisations who wish to focus on academic, personal and /or professional growth through the development of those competencies and the building of an eportfolio.

An ePortfolio makes the process visible and “sharable”, enhancing one’s ability to articulate their key attributes, to network and to showcase competencies.

I also work with organisations to implement a culture of social learning and shared knowledge that supports this focus.

I make learning accessible, interactive, a personalised experience. I listen and start with where you are at. And I believe in having fun along the way!

I have extensive experience with Mahara, my ePortfolio and social learning platform of choice, as well as with an array of flexible online tools and social media, including Google Apps.

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What we do
My approach to ePortfolio development:

Creative Commons License
This work by Pascale Hyboud-Peron is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Why we do it

It is through experiencing the world of technology and online spaces for myself that I started to understand the transformative learning process they enable.

My practice as a teacher and facilitator has been considerably augmented by making extensive use of online tools and social media to communicate, share, reflect, network, scaffold my own learning and grow my sphere of experience.

As a result, I have seen opportunities arising faster, meeting the right people happening sooner and collaboration, online or face to face proving more effective.

I started ThinkAgency for two reasons:

As a facilitator and trainer, I see that guiding and supporting users to improve their digital competence enables them to be confident and to make good choices online. Their increased competence leads them to explore new ways of doing things, to discover creative solutions to desired outcomes, and to maximise the use of tools to fulfill a defined purpose.  ThinkAgency clients leverage the use of their device and come to this realisation for themselves.

As a teacher and facilitator, I know that goals are best achieved when they are meaningful, self directed, purposeful and set in authentic contexts. Users who increase their digital competence enhance the quality of their digital presence. ThinkAgency clients build a presence through developing their ePortfolio, a digital venue they have control over, that reflects their competence and strengths, that tells their story.  And they actively participate in the networks they build along the way.

At ThinkAgency we* help our clients power their professional profile and take charge of their learning.

*We? That is me, my experience and my passion, enhanced and fuelled by the feedback, questions, support of inspiring partners. Their immense talents spread across the fields of technology, design and teaching and learning. “We” because ThinkAgency is shaped by our conversations. Our interactions will keep ThinkAgency evolve.


“I can't tell you how much I appreciated your time, thoughtfulness and willingness to help us over the past couple of days.  Having your experienced eye glance over our processes was so helpful and has given us goals for how we can improve next year.”
- J. Hill, HoD Columba College Dunedin via email.

“Fantastic PD this afternoon ran by @phpnz, really worthwhile, bring on eportfolios! Excited about how this can improve learning.”
- S. McConnachie, Middleton Grange School Christchurch via Twitter.

“I will soon be completing interaction portfolios, on MyPortfolio. It has been a great initiative and I am definitely going to continue with it and develop it further, it has worked really well. Thank you for all your support and help along the way”
- H de Joux, HoD, Nelson College for Girls, Nelson via email.

“Feeling privilege @phpnz sharing her stories and her experiences - practical, realistic and grounded advice”
- D. Reid, Facilitator, University of Waikato, Tauranga via Twitter.

“Pascale is without peer in regard to her exploration and knowledge of all things digital, technical and BYOD-able and she has a knack for communicating concepts with passion, while acknowledging the fact that her audiences are all at different stages of their IT journey”
- P. Pollard, NZAFT Executive, Auckland via email.

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