ThinkAgency works with the Education and Business sectors.

We help individuals in your organisation to:
    •    create & manage a dynamic, personal, record of learning
    •    process experiences and showcase accreditations
    •    increase digital competence
    •    embed reflective practice
    •    experience and develop learning networks

Benefits for the individual: Develop an ePortfolio, and sound digital skills. Gain visibility of their learning process. Enhance their ability to articulate key attributes. Showcase performance and accomplishments. Contribute actively to the learning culture of the organisation.

We help organisations to:
    •    train teams to develop their digital competence
    •    manage and evaluate an information sharing culture
    •    communicate about change to their community/stakeholders
    •    manage accreditations and certifications
    •    leverage social learning opportunities

Benefits for the organisation: Create a professional knowledge sharing strategy that supports the learning and development of their teams and provides exceptional return on engagement.

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Pathway to Agency package

ThinkAgency also works with individuals to help:

    •    increase digital competence
    •    create & manage a dynamic record of learning
    •    showcase accreditations and certifications
    •    build a Personal Learning Network
    •    display drivers and motivation
    •    effective online presentation
    •    enhance career opportunities
    •    improve employability

Delivered in 4 x 3 hour workshops

Workshop 1

Establish where you are at, set your objectives. Choose the tools that fit you. Make the most out of your device(s).

Workshop 2

Produce, organise and manage your digital content. Develop your digital skills.

Workshop 3

Share and showcase your achievements. Choose your audience and build your digital presence.

Workshop 4

Evaluate the impact of your digital presence. Make it last to keep it current.


ThinkAgency clients leave with:

  • A clear identification of their and their teams' strengths
  • An effective way to showcase skills & share knowledge
  • A practical, actionable and sustainable plan for implementation
  • Autonomy and mastery over their digital presence

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