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26 Feb

There would have been no setting up Thinkagency if I had not surrounded myself with inspiring people with whom to partner and develop ideas into actionable plans…

To continue to develop my working knowledge of Mahara and introduce the value of ePortfolio building to clients looking to increase their online competence, it became a no brainer I needed to install my own instance.

It is while talking with Steven Vincent (Technologywise) on how we could find ways of working together to deliver better value to our respective clients in need of practical tech solutions that we decided to host an online version of Mahara.

Enter, Mahara as Saas, a multi tenanted install.

Steven’s team is looking into the maintenance and regular updating and we have been busy taking Collxtion to the test.
This gives me the opportunity to dig deeper as a site admin, to do some testing on release candidates and generally maintain my enthusiasm for Mahara and its amazing community.

We are currently using Collxtion daily for team planning, archiving and sharing documents and keeping communication in one place on a range of projects.  We have made provision to give access to Collxtion account as part of the Resident package at Basestation collaborative space

Several diverse groups of professionals and organisations have their institutions hosted in Collxtion and are discovering the benefits of centralising their individual and group work in one online space.

We have some plans to participate to the Mahara project beyond proposing new features or reporting bugs! Developing new features to make Mahara more collaborative or plug in to make it even more integrated are some ideas that we want to investigate.

But good things take time: focus on the physical community building at collaboration space Basestation and the revealing of a buoyant entrepreneurial community in Tauranga through Venture Centre will allow us to gain the capability and meet the people who will embark with us on developing Collxtion, and Mahara, to serve our community needs.

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