Building your PLE with Mahara

25 Mar

MaharaHui 2014 was a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and interact with all Mahara users in our end of the world, here in New Zealand!
Superbly organised and orchestrated by Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst IT), who is as amazing at building communities online as she is in “the analog” world!), Mahara Hui delivered what it promised: time to network, discover use cases, exchange practice and ideas and travel back in time to move forward informed and in knowledge of where we have been.

I became involved with Mahara in 2011 while working as a trainer and facilitator on the MyPortfolio project (a multi tenanted Mahara hosted instance available to all schools in New Zealand) through delivering Taster sessions in schools.

Since then I have been interested in a range of applications of Mahara, and its role as a tool conducive to knowledge sharing in particular.
Here are the slides and handout I used to facilitate conversation on Personal Learning Environment and where Mahara can play a role.

This is the handout that participants used to draw their own PLE:

You can access and download your copy here.


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