3 Tools I can't be without

11 Oct

Here are three of the top tools in my tool kit and why I use them.

GoogleDocs is one of many cloud file sharing services.  GoogleDocs is Google’s freeware web based office suite. It is part of GoogleDrive. I access it by logging in my Gmail account in my web browser. I can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations. I can invite any number of collaborators to edit these files in real time and comment on their content. I can choose to share a document for a collaborator to view only also or I can publish my document to the web. I can save these documents in a range of file types (.docx, .pdf…) on my computer if I wish.

Why I use it:
- no more emailing of documents back and forth, creating different copies each time an edit is done.
- I can access and edit all my documents from GoogleDrive from my phone or tablet logged in with my Gmail account
- I can also edit my documents when I am offline and the new version will update when I connect to the internet next.

Feedly compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources.  I read a range of blogs to keep up to date with the rapidly progressing elearning trends, products and to contribute to conversations via the comment sections. To manage the blogs I read I subscribe to their feed to receive regular updates without having to go and visit each specifically.

Why I use it:
- each article is delivered upon being published in my feedly, which compiles them in a magazine like fashion
- I can personalise feedly by creating categories (eg: edtech, NZ blogs, professional bodies etc)
- I either read feedly in my browser or from the feedly app on my phone or tablet.

Pixlr is an online photo editor and the Pixlr Express is very easy to use, in your browser or with the Pixlr app. Taking pictures of work in progress, or completed, at events or of notes on a board is a sure way to capture accurately information. I use my phone. And when taken on the go, pictures may be too dark, or need resizing or maybe the flash resulted in red eyes.

Why I use it:
- I confidently take pictures because I know a quick review and edit with Pixlr will give me the result I want out of my image if I need to reuse it for evidence
- no sign up, no account make for a very easy user experience
- I can save both the original and the edited picture on my computer.

How can these tools help you get started with your ePortfolio?

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